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School partnership data

Schools view partnerships as having wide ranging benefits for both pupils and teachers

The majority of the Independent Schools Council (ISC) schools form partnerships with state schools to provide learning opportunities for all involved. According to the 2020 ISC census 1,169 ISC schools (85%) are in mutually beneficial partnerships with state schools, sharing expertise, best practice and facilities to the benefit of children in all the schools involved.

The best partnerships develop between Heads or teachers really wanting to work together, out of genuine local relationships and enthusiasms. ISC independent schools are hugely different, from the very large well known schools, such as Eton and Harrow, to the very small or non-selective schools serving local families. 58% of ISC schools have 350 pupils or fewer. Schools therefore need to work in ways appropriate to their circumstances and according to the local situation and need. Accordingly, partnership activity takes a variety of forms including academy sponsorship, seconding teaching staff to serve as governors at partner schools, preparing A-level pupils for higher education, pupils reading with younger children, schools sharing facilities and seconding teaching staff.

The 2020 ISC census reports that:

  • 1,169 ISC schools partnered with state schools in 2019.
  • 212 state pupils worked with each ISC school on average in 2019.
  • 11 state schools worked with each ISC school on average in 2019.

ISC independent schools involved in partnerships with state schools and local communities

Annual report of partnership work between independent and state schools