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Schools Together is supported by:

GSA - Girls' Schools Association
"GSA enthusiastically supports the Schools Together website, which enables our schools to give some insight into the power of their partnerships with state schools and the way in which they nurture aspirations, boost confidence and achievement, and broaden perspectives. GSA schools are involved in a wide range of partnerships both with state schools and with local communities. Projects may differ in scale and scope, but at their heart lies a shared passionate desire to support and inspire pupils – and girls in particular – so that they can achieve their potential."
HMC - Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference
"The Schools Together website posts in one place accounts of the variety of partnerships that exist between independent schools, state schools and local communities.  The work of HMC schools fully reflects this diversity and the website is a shop window for the lively and creative work being undertaken across a very wide range of projects. Schools with different traditions are learning from each other all the time and it is most welcome that this work is becoming wider known and understood."
IAPS - Independent Association of Prep Schools
"IAPS is delighted to support the Schools Together initiative which provides an opportunity for prep schools to showcase their partnership projects and inspire more collaboration between independent and maintained schools. We have much to learn from each other."
ISA - Independent Schools Association
"The wonderful collaborative work that takes place between independent and state schools across the UK goes largely unreported. Yet thousands of pupils in both sectors benefit and raise both their aspirations and understanding as a result of such projects. The SchoolsTogether website provides the inspiration for others to reach out once they see what can be achieved, and that's why it is important for all schools to contribute to the site and show the country the fantastic things they are doing in partnership."
The Society of Heads
"The Society of Heads is hugely supportive of the Schools Together website. It is so important to understand the quality of the partnerships developed between independent and maintained schools, benefiting so many young people and impacting so positively on local communities. The website will enhance the awareness of this excellent work and stimulate and inspire new initiatives in the future."
AGBIS -  The Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools 
"Since the late 90s independent and state schools have collaborated in many ways, providing rich opportunities for pupils from both sectors to benefit and for the schools in both sectors to learn from each other. Since then the number of such initiatives and their variety have increased substantially but the extent of the co-operation is not always fully acknowledged, not least because of the absence of any means of recording and publicising the many initiatives which schools, independent and state, have established. The Schools Together website now provides schools with the opportunity to show the public exactly how they are involved. The Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools (AGBIS) warmly welcomes the initiative and congratulates the staff of the Independent Schools Council on the successful launch of the initiative. AGBIS strongly urges all schools to use the website, both to show the extent of their involvement and, though understanding the  activities of other schools, to consider ways in which they might do more for the benefit of all young people."
ISBA - Independent Schools' Bursars Association
"For years many of our schools have taken part in collaborative arrangements with the maintained sector. Much of this has gone unnoticed and unannounced and has just 'happened'. The schools together website is the ideal place in which to champion these arrangements and, as such, has the full support of the ISBA." ISBA
BSA - The Boarding Schools' Association
"The Boarding Schools' Association (BSA) supports and celebrations collaboration between independent and state schools, as well as communities. The Schools Together website provides many excellent examples of the fantastic work that is happening within the education sector. Schools are community hubs and can therefore provide many opportunities to external partners. Boarding schools have a culture of philanthropy and our members believe sharing best practice and collaborating with colleagues from the state sector helps provide all children with life-changing experiences and quality opportunities for education."
SCIS – Scottish Council of Independent Schools
"The Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS) are delighted to support The Schools Together website. Schools in Scotland have provided positive contributions to society over many years and it is fantastic to see the thousands of amazing community projects and initiatives between independent and state schools promoted in this way."
WISC -  Welsh Independent Schools Council 
"WISC strongly supports the Schools Together initiative. Both independent schools and maintained sector schools in Wales will benefit from the collaboration and sharing  of ideas and good practice"
Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)
"The Schools Together website is an extremely valuable resource which ASCL strongly supports. As the leadership association whose members are responsible for the education of more than 4 million children within the maintained and independent sectors we know the importance of cross sector partnerships and believe that this website will help to promote the development of new and fruitful links."
National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)
“NAHT supports the ISSP Schools Together website. Anything that encourages schools working together for the benefit of their pupils and teachers is to be commended and we look to Schools Together to inspire further collaborative work between schools of all kinds.”
SGOSS – Governors for Schools
"We are SGOSS Governors for Schools, the governor recruitment charity funded by the Department of Education. We help schools find skilled and experienced volunteers to become school governors and help drive school improvement. We work both for those looking to become involved in this worthy voluntary role and schools looking for candidates to fill their vacancies. To become a school governor you do not need to know anything about education or have any specific qualifications. In fact some of the most important attributes are enthusiasm and a willingness to make a difference! If you would like to know about this opportunity do visit our website www.sgoss.org.uk or get in touch."
Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation
"The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation is very pleased to endorse the ISSP Schools Together website. There is no doubt that cross-sector partnerships are of great benefit to all involved and the website is a fantastic platform on which collaboration can be celebrated. The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation transforms lives by increasing access to boarding schools for vulnerable young people. Working with accredited independent and state boarding schools, SpringBoard matches each pupil to the right school for them, making sure each pupil receives high quality help and support, year round. The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation encourages pupils to spread the word about their experiences and to inspire their siblings and friends, increasing social mobility by widening educational opportunities. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch."
Comberton Academy Trust
"The Independent State Schools Partnership Forum is an excellent vehicle for any school, state or independent, to engage with meaningful partnership. There are so many examples of great and interesting partnerships that have clearly benefited all involved that there is probably something for any school that could be relevant and applicable. It is the obvious starting point for any school interested in partnering a school in the other sector." CAM