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About Schools Together

Schools Together is supported and maintained by the Independent Schools Council (ISC).

Schools Together has three aims:

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"I would encourage all schools to take steps to engage fully with other schools and with the local community. Wider engagement can only benefit young people and the Schools Together initiative provides an inspiring forum to demonstrate what is possible and help develop the sharing of facilities between schools and across communities."
Minister for Sport 1987-1990.

"If we get it right, there is great benefit for state schools in partnering independent schools. State schools have a great deal to learn about areas such as broader education and strong higher education and careers support, for example. Of course, state schools equally have much to contribute to any state/independent schools partnership, such as innovative approaches to pedagogy. These are examples we have found and there are many others."
Chief Executive of the Comberton Academy Trust

"There are many ways schools can demonstrate that they are meeting their charitable objects.  Funding bursaries is one of the most common methods but many have also become involved in partnerships. Very often these partnerships have little to do with their charitable status – they arise from good relationships between head teachers in a local area or because a school is an active part of a large group of schools, state and independent."
Chairman, Independent Schools Council.

“We are in a unique position to demonstrate that the best and most enduring cross-sector collaboration springs from voluntarism and mutuality of purpose.” Chairman, Boarding Schools Association 2016-2017