Case studies and best practice

Sometimes the best and easiest way to start something new is to look first at what others have done.  

Independent schools are involved in a vast array of projects and partnerships and some of these are highlighted below, to help get others started.



A new life for old shoes - Shrewsbury House School

The Lao Rugby Federation (LRF) youth development programme “Champa Ban” is providing the opportunity for over 2,000 girls and boys to get involved in a sport that promotes the values of 'Integrity, Discipline, Passion, Respect and Solidarity' both on and off the pitch. Shrewsbury House School has been supporting this programme through a shoe recycling scheme – ‘CONVERSION – a new life for old shoes.’

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The Hampton ISSP

The Hampton Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) is a collaboration of schools from both the state and independent sector, working together to provide opportunities for their most able students to engage with each other through a variety of learning activities.

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United Learning in Focus: UnitedApp Competition

In September 2015, United Learning launched its UnitedApp competition for a second year in partnership with 7billionideas. The competition gives students within the group around the country the chance to develop their business, digital and critical thinking skills as they create concepts for an educational application.


United Learning in Focus: Students from schools across the country perform at London’s Lyceum Theatre

Earlier this year, students from United Learning schools across the country took to the stage  for a sold-out performance at London’s prestigious Lyceum Theatre. Conducted by popular composer Alexander L’Estrange, over 1,000 students and their teachers from across the country performed songs from Zimbe!

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Swindon Academy and Marlborough College Launch "Grammar Stream"

Last year, Swindon Academy and Marlborough College launched a brand new initiative for Swindon; a Grammar Stream which will educate the most academically able students in the area. From September 2016, the new Grammar Stream will provide places for 30 students each year to enjoy a highly academic, Marlborough College backed education but based in, and part of, Swindon Academy.


Repton School celebrates as its Gold medal pool star, Adam Peaty, shines in Rio

Around 200 people gathered at Repton School’s Sports Centre on the morning of Monday August 8 to watch GB swimmer Adam Peaty power his way to an Olympic gold medal and a new world record in the men’s 100m breaststroke event.


United Learning in Focus: Students Explore the Science of the Mind

Earlier this year, Year 10 students from Accrington Academy, Manchester Academy and William Hulme’s Grammar School took part in a workshop on the science behind how our brains work. At the event hosted by Bolton School, 60 students spent a day with staff and PhD students from University College London (UCL) to gain an insight into neuroscience.

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United Learning in Focus: National Storyslam Final

Part of Southbank Centre’s Imagine Festival, StorySLAM is a national story writing and storytelling competition for Year 5 and 6 pupils across the country. This initiative came about thanks to an introduction from Surbiton High School’s writer-in-residence Stuart Bird.


United Learning in focus: Pupil Experiences initiative

At the end of 2014, Julian Thomas, who was then Head of Caterham School, embarked for an epic journey to Antarctica. Julian trekked from the coast of Antarctica to the bottom of the world: 950 km across the frozen landscape of one of the coldest, highest, driest and windiest places on earth. This is one of the most challenging treks on earth with only around 300 people having completed the full journey, without mechanical or wind assistance, since Amundsen in 1911.